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Lev Ins’s Active Care Helicopter Rescues a Severely Injured Skier in Bansko

The 31-year old Alper Boskurt who sustained severe injuries on the ski slope in Bansko was taken to the Razlog Multi-Profile Active Treatment Hospital onboard Lev Ins and Active Security Club’s medevac helicopter. There he had and emergency operation. Doctors are fighting for his life.
As we reported earlier, the crew of the aerial ambulance provided by Heli Air responded immediately and thanks to their rapid approach the 31-year old Alper Boskurt was hospitalized within 10 minutes of his accident. Ha has sustained severe injuries including broken ribs and suspected abdominal bleeding.
ZK Lev Ins AD’s field representative, Mr. Stefan Milushev coordinated the effort.
We will continue our coverage of the story and the condition of the injured.