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Lev Ins Develops Measures to Reduce Traffic Accident Deaths

Снимка на притеснена жена от катастрофаTroubling statistics by the Ministry of Interior show that the number of traffic accident casualties has increased for the first time in four years. Last year 655 people were killed in traffic accidents whereas in 2013 the death toll stood at 510. Serious accidents are most often the result of speeding, human error, recklessness, and corruption but in many cases people die because they did not get timely and adequately administered first aid. In an attempt to curb vehicular bloodshed Lev Ins offers customers purchasing its Motor Third-Party Liability Insurance the unique Active Care Insurance at a preferential price of 6 Bulgarian Leva. This Lev Ins product is designed to help the government’s efforts in the field of first aid. Our medical helicopters and ground crews are in a state of permanent operational readiness to save people’s lives.
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