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Active Care, a Helicopter, and Some Spectacular Action in Downtown Sofia

A stunning demonstration of rescue techniques featuring a helicopter from Lev Ins AD’s fleet took place at the Green Zone parking facility opposite the Kempinski Hotel Zografki. The event was organized with the help of the Bulgarian Red Cross and included police vehicles, fire engines, taxi cabs and motorcycles.
It was a simulated collision between two vehicles resulting in four injured. The first to arrive at the scene was cab driver who had graduated the paramedic course part of the Active Care Project which is a joint effort of ZK Lev Ins AD, the Active Security Club and Bulgarian Red Cross. The emergency hotline service scrambled police officers, fire engines, and ambulances to the scene. The person suffering the heaviest injuries (suspected spiral fracture of the skull) was taken aboard a medevac chopper covering traffic accident risks under the Active Care Insurance.
The event was attended by the ambassador of the state of Israel, His Excellency Shaul Kamisa-Raz, the head of the Capital City Directorate of the Ministry of Interior Mr. Tencho Tenev, the Chairman of the Active Security Club, Mr. Stefan Sofianski, members of non-government organizations, media, and citizens of Sofia.