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Beware: New Scam Unleashed on Second-Hand Car Buyers

The European Consumer Center (ECC) issued warning of a new fraudulent scheme targeting buyers of second-hand cars, trailers and tractors on the internet. In a growing number of cases buyers have transferred large amounts as deposits only to receive nothing in return. The ECC has already received complaints by defrauded users.
This is how the scheme works: when you call the telephone number provided in the advertisement, you are told that the vehicle you are interested in is still abroad and that you are required to pay 50% of the purchase price in advance if you wish to have the vehicle imported. In most of the cases the vehicle is never imported.
The fraudulent sellers avoid online payment platforms and credit card payments. They insist to be paid via a bank wire transfer or using a direct payment system. This way, when they withdraw the money on the other end you do not have the option of contesting the transaction.
The scam artists are very ingenious and very hard to find, ECC representatives in Sofia warned. In transaction such as these you are guaranteed to lose your money therefore European Consumer Center experts advise people to buy vehicles only after they have seen them in person and to resort to bank transfers only when they send money to friends and relatives.