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The Paramedic Training Courses for Taxi Drivers have Started

Severe breathing difficulties, hemorrhage, fractures, head trauma... these are only a few items of the long list of life-threatening injuries people can sustain in serious accidents. Ambulances can be running late and in situations like these every minute counts. “This is why we wasted no time in implementing our idea to train taxi drivers to act as paramedics” Active Security Club officials said. The first 15 taxi drivers have already started training as part of the Active Care Project – a joint effort of the Active Security Club and the Bulgarian Red Cross. Some of the best doctors in Bulgaria were hired as instructors and the courses themselves are taught at the specially outfitted training center of the Bulgarian Red Cross in the village of Lozen.
The expectations are for up to 80 drivers to have completed the training course by the end of the summer.
During the course taxi drivers are taught how to administer first aid to the injured while ambulances are on their way to the scene of the accident. By the end of the training program, having passed their theoretical and practical exams taxi drivers will be able to cope with situations where the injured are experiencing difficulty breathing, circulatory system disorders, head trauma, damages to the musculoskeletal system, mass hemorrhaging or have gone into shock.
Most of the drivers who have enrolled for the course admit that they have first-hand experience with serious accidents and situations where they have had to drive severely injured people or have arrived at the scene of an accident before the ambulances. “I do not know what to do, yet I realize full well that the people need help. If you do not know what to do, it is best to do nothing so that you do not do something wrong. This is someone’s life we are talking about. Now that we have had this training, we can do a lot of good” says one of the soon-to-be paramedic taxi drivers. The first thing all newly-minted paramedics will do is update the first aid kits in their vehicles. First aid kits will include products designed to stop bleeding as well as splints for keeping injured limbs still.