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Paramedic Taxi Drivers and Helicopters will be Coming to Our Rescue as Early as this Summer

The first batch of 80 taxi drivers are starting their paramedic training at the Bulgarian Red Cross as early as this summer. A fully outfitted helicopter with medical crews onboard will watch over our security on the highways to the seaside and on the beaches. It will be able to land almost anywhere and provide assistance to people injured in accidents. All of this will be made possible as part of the Active Care Project – a joint effort of Active Security Club Association and the Bulgarian Red Cross. The objective of the Project is to help the government and expand its capability in the field of first aid and emergency medicine through the services of paramedics and medical teams organized in accordance with the best European practices.
Club officials stated that as soon as their training is over the taxi drivers will be capable of administering first aid to people who have sustained injuries in serious accidents and anyone else in need of help.
“Many have asked us why we had chosen to train taxi drivers and whether they can do a good job and succeed in the training program so as to be able to perform this critical task. Our answer is yes, they will do a good job. They will be trained well enough so that the people who need their help could trust them. Taxi drivers are everywhere. They communicate well with people and have radios. In case of an accident they could arrive on the scene in less than a minute. Given good training, they can become competent paramedics and can start saving lives as early as this summer” Active Security Club officials and project creators stated.
To find what other people think of the Active Care Project, please enter the Club’s forum at Enter the discussion by telling us what you think about it. By working together we can make saving people’s lives more efficient.