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About us

Club "Active Security" is an innovative project - the novel for the Bulgarian society and our social environment as a whole. The club has an internet forum in which all members have the opportunity to participate and to seek advice on specific problems, find solutions and share their experience in the field of security and risk prevention. Members receive assistance and support in line with the mission of the Club, namely: security, protection, bonuses, discounts, free legal consultancy at fault accident.

Mission – Our mission is through joint efforts, shared knowledge and mutual empathy to succeed in an uncertain environment and time in order to increase the security of the members of the Club and their property. Active Security suggests early warning and actions of the members aiming at preventing the damages and reducing the risk of their occurrence.

Values – The values that we follow are:

  • Understanding and mutual assistance among the members of the Club
  • Openness and honesty
  • Awareness of the members
  • Sharing of experience and knowledge in the field of security and risk prevention

Vision – With the idea for creation of this Club, we want to give one symbolic role model of society relationship and as a result to increase the security in Bulgaria as a whole.

Motto – Together we are more secure!