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About the project


The ACTIVE CARE PROJECT – first aid in line with the best European practices

The Active Care Project is a public-private partnership between the Bulgarian Red Cross and the Active Security Club Association.
Active Care supports the government’s efforts in the field of first aid and emergency medical assistance by offering the services of its crews operating in accordance with the best European practices.
The idea emerged following a meeting between officials from the Ministry of Healthcare and representatives of non-government organizations. The objective is to provide access to first aid to a larger number of people across the country and to cover as many accidents as possible by offering the much needed adequate help and by upgrading the existing capabilities. This will be achieved with the help of specially outfitted helicopters and qualified specialist, and by training paramedics. At the suggestion of the Bulgarian Taxi Drivers and Carriers’ Branch Chamber and the Association of the Insured Victims of Traffic Accidents the Project will be implemented by enlisting the services of taxi drivers. The idea picked up speed because people saw the potential of taxi drivers to administer first aid because of the huge coverage they provide while executing their routes and because of their natural inclination to report accidents and provide assistance until the ambulances and/or medical helicopters arrive on the scene. For this purpose a group of hand-picked taxi drivers will go through the required paramedic training course.

Active Care will provide first aid and medical assistance in line with the best European practices following mishaps and traffic accidents. Furthermore, our crews will also respond in cases where the Emergency Assistance Services have decided that they need our help – industrial incidents, not very serious domestic accidents, deterioration in the condition of chronically ill, as well as various incidents taking place in Bulgaria’s tourist resorts.

Active Care will use the existing facilities and equipment such as:
- Helicopters from Heli Air’s sanitary aircraft fleet;
- Firs aid vehicles driven by members of the Bulgarian Taxi Drivers and Carriers’ Branch Chamber;
- Motorcycles and ambulances from ENA Purva Pomosht’s fleet;

Initially round crews will cover only the capital city (via a network of taxi cabs). Aerial transport will be used both domestically and for international flights.

The service will be available to both Bulgarian nationals and foreign tourists. The Active Care Project creates opportunities for providing adequate aid also because of the efficient communication and cooperation between the teams of doctors and paramedics, the healthcare facilities, the experts employed by the Bulgarian Red Cross, and the specially trained taxi drivers. The effort is organized by a single coordination center orchestrating the activities of each of the Project’s unit taking into consideration the particular circumstances of each individual case.
Heli Air and ENA Purva Pomosht, City Clinic, the Bulgarian Taxi Drivers and Carriers’ Branch Chamber, the Association of the Insured Victims of Traffic Accidents, Tokuda Hospital Sofia, and Sofiamed Multiprofile Hospital are official Project partners.

Mr. Hristo Grigorov Genadiev - Chairman of the Red Cross (left)
Mr. Stefan Hristov Sofiansky Chairperson of the Active Security Club Association (center)
Mrs. Sausa Hason - First Secretary, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the State of Israel (right)